Trent voted BEST POLY in the UK

Ocean Wednesdays are famous for a reason, after all

Nottingham Trent University has been voted the best poly in the United Kingdom, and rightly so.

The results were published after over five and a half thousand students took part in The Tab’s poll “Which is the best Poly?” last week.

23 Universities were included in the poll, Trent winning by a vast majority with 1,259 votes and a huge 22.75% of the total.


Spending your 21st at Ocean is a rite of passage at Trent

Trent is famous for many things – being better than UoN, ground-breaking cancer research, having the wildest Sports Tour, a wicked SU and on top of everything some of the highest student satisfaction rates in the country. Last but not least, Trent is famous for Ocean. I don’t need to write about it, you’re already jealous anyway.

[infogram id=”which_is_the_best_poly”]

Next in line came the infamous Oxford Brookes with 643 and 11.62%, totalling just over half the votes of the mighty Trent. They might be beautiful, but they just don’t have that “IT factor” like Trent does. Turns out it really is about what’s on the inside, soz Brookes.

Missing out on second place by 127 votes comes Northumbria Uni, with 515 and 9.33% of the total. They might have cheap drinks (three trebles for £5 goes beyond good value) and a better sense of humour (don’t all Northerners?) but third place will just have to do.

As for the lowest of the lows London Met came away with a majestic 35 votes. It was voted as the Best Modern University in London in 2013, but then what does that really mean? Does it have really shiny sinks? Do they use iris recognition instead of student cards? No, probably not.

Staffordshire got a nice round number of 19, which is surprising really as you’d think all that sitting around in old-man pubs and endless games of chess would give them plenty to rave about.

Lowest of all came the University of East London, but then i’d be lying if I said i’d ever heard of them before today. Well done on getting those 14 votes guys, really impressive, you must love your uni like, loads. 0.25% of the vote. Best 3 years of your life, totally.

Well, we all know it’s the taking part that matters, not the winning. Right? Right.