Donations to Trent cricketer with Leukaemia smash £3,000 mark

They only asked for £300 at first

The donations page for a Trent cricketer who was diagnosed with Leukaemia and a germ cell tumour have passed the £3,000 mark.

Zac Forskitt is currently in City Hospital in Nottingham, and his friends and family has rallied together to raise money to make his stay more comfortable.

The original goal of raising £300 for the Cricket Soc member has been absolutely smashed, with well over £3000 being raised so far.

And with 27 days left to go, even more could be raised for Zac through his Just Giving page.

The response far exceeded expectations

Head of Trent Cricket Society Andrew Mooney told The Tab: “Zac is everybody’s friend, I have never met a person who has a bad word to say about him.

“He is always smiling and upbeat, and its hard not to have a good time around him.

“Trent cricket is a family, there is no other way of putting it.

“It’s been amazing to read comments from members of trent cricketers who graduated  four, five and six years ago and who are donating.

“It’s a special feeling to be part of such a large group who are all so close.”

The family that is Trent Cricket

The Trent cricket family

Andrew added: “When everybody found out about Zac i think we were all a bit stunned, he is on our committee as a social sec and he’s somebody who you just expect to be everywhere that Trent cricketers are.

“We still talk to him quite regularly which is great, his closest friends have been visiting him in hospital a lot, and I know there are a long list of other members of cricket who want to go and see him.”

'everybody realised this was a great thing to do and got fully behind it'

Zac’s fundraising page is now at over £3,000

Andrew said: “When everybody found out what had happened everybody starting thinking about what we could do, all kinds of ideas were flashing around and still are.

“Credit to Josh Sharpe who set up our Just Giving page. I think once he took the lead on this everybody realised this was a great thing to do and got fully behind it.

‘We set the target of £300 pounds on the page to buy a PS4, you hope these things are going to go well but I don’t think anybody expected it to take off like this.

“NTU Sport, NTSU and all the other societies have been fantastic in supporting this, and all the Trent cricket guys are pulling together everything they have and its has made me unbelievably proud to be part of the Trent cricket family.”

Zac’s Just Giving page can be found here.