Piglet room: Ex-ham relief or clever business ploy?

Cosmo called Patches a ‘blatant ledge’

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Revision revellers across all three campus’ were offered the chance to get up close and personal with seven micro pigs last week.

Regardless of time slots being allocated to those who booked precious piggy time, anxious revisers were still made to queue for up to 45 minutes.

However on deeper inspection it appeared the pen of piglets was merely a business ploy for the sale of micro pigs.

Every visitor was handed a business card from the company which supplied the piglets, with some being told about the costs of purchasing one and how they make great pets.


The recent vote bribe has lead to a lot of media attention with Cosmopolitan magazine even going as far to describe President Patches as a “blatant ledge”.

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Confusingly, during the day NTSU representatives pestered the patient queuers for donations towards the guide dogs.

The controversial arrival of the piglet room comes after the Student’s Union let us have the revision pig-me-up even though not enough people voted in the recent uni elections.



Despite the event seeming like a clever way into tricking students to spend their loan, the day was a success with many enjoying their five minute cuddle with the micro pigs .

Third year, Ayesha Armstrong admits she is glad of the SU’s change of heart.

“I’m happy the SU caved and let us have the piglet room regardless to us not getting enough votes.

She added: “They were so cute and I’m sure if I was still revising at the time then it would of been a great stress relief.”