How to get completely trollied in the library

Time to spice up revision

Stuck in the good old book center feeling down about your exam tomorrow? Or have you started writing your dissertation two days before the deadline? Well what better way to deal with it than to get absolutely out of your face.

So grab some Tesco’s own vodka, find a quiet corner and start drinking at your computer desk pronto.



Every 5 coughs or sneezes you hear- 2 fingers

Seeing two people fight over a computer (very amusing)- waterfall (drink until the commotion finishes)

Spot someone scrolling through Facebook- 1 finger


You print something out and there’s no paper left- 2 fingers

Can’t find the book you wanted- 1 shot for every time this happens, which will be a lot

When someone’s computer shuts down and they lose all their work- give them a drink – they need it a lot more than you

Unlucky m8

Unlucky m9

Every time someone asks if the computer next to you is taken – 1 finger

Someone swears or any obvious signs of anger – 2 fingers

When you open a book to see it’s been vandalised the shit out of- 1 shot for every page that looks like a two-year-old’s colouring pad.



Catch someone snapchatting or receive a snapchat about how they’ve “been here for 12 hours.. so tired lol” – 2 fingers

Catch them taking a photo of their pile of notes specifically arranged to emphasise how much work they’ve done – 2 fingers

You hear someone humming or whistling a song – 2 fingers. if you can guess what song it is before anyone else, nominate someone to drink.

Overhear someone listening to obnoxious house music through their apple earphones – 2 fingers

See someone skimming through a book that it’s obvious they haven’t read – 1 finger

Spotting someone copying and pasting half a shitty Wikipedia article into their work – 1 shot

better than Ocean

Better than Ocean

A librarian shushes you – 2 fingers for every shush you get

The librarian physically tells you off for talking – down your drink

Spot a couple coming out of the bathroom having released some exam tension – give them a drink and make them down it

Every time you see a stereotypical looking library hermit – 1 shot, down your drink if they have a toothbrush and/or sleeping bag

Just doing some work like

Just doing some work like

The game will probably end when the security guard clocks on and kicks you out or you start dutty whining on the front desk.

Reminder: Don’t forget to check your work before hand in just in case you’ve accidentally written 300 words about how excited you are for cheeky Nando’s later with the lads in your essay about the Rise of Colonial America.