Rugby kit balls up puts waist line on the back of shirts instead of squad number

Waist of time

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Rugged rugby players at Staffordshire University were left a little red faced this week after their varsity kits were numbered with their waist size.

The team of 18 rugby league boys we’re left shocked on Sunday night as they were handed their varsity kits to realise that the numbers they had chosen had been replaced with their trouser size.

The terrible tops only consisted of the numbers 32, 34, 36, 40 and 42.


Team captain Sean Wallace isn’t quite sure how it happened.

The sport science finalist student said: “I just don’t know how it managed to get messed up – we just had to laugh it off.”

The teams social sec was in charge of organising the kits, however the lads are still unsure just who to blame for the mix up.

Despite the royal cock up the boys still had to take to the pitch on Monday evening to face their rivals from Keele University.

Fresher and flanker Tom Harvey was part of the team with their measurements emblazoned on their backs.


He said: “I just thought it was funny, there was nothing we could do because it we were given them the night before the match. I suppose theres always next year to get it right.

“I could hear the Keele’s supporters saying stuff about the numbers on our back but I wasn’t too embarrassed.”

The unfortunate rugby boys then went on to be defeated by their rivals by a massive 35-0 but say this had nothing to do with the shocking shirt slip up.