Campus style: How to keep warm but look cool

You all look hot to trot


With the weather not making any signs of improvement, this week we wandered around campus to find out what you’re wearing to keep yourselves toasty.

It seems chunky knitwear, over-sized scarves and over-layering was key.

Here are our top picks.

Harriet Atkins, Decorative Art- Third year

Harriet Atkins, Decorative Art, third year

Bethany Webb, Fashion Management- Second year

Bethany Webb, Fashion Management, second year

Natasha Minter- Fashion Communication and Promotion

Natasha Minter, Fashion Communication and Promotion

Mary Adebayo and Sophie Fisher- Psychology

Mary Adebayo and Sophie Fisher, Psychology

Hannah, Fashion Management and Abbie, Marketing

Hannah, Fashion Management and Abbie, Marketing

Victoria, Business Management and Marketing- Third year

Victoria, Business Management and Marketing, third year

Viv Oliva, Fashion Management- Second year

Viv Oliva, Fashion Management, second year

Lily Harrison, Law- Second Year

Lily Harrison, Law, second year

Priyasha Tailor, Psychology- Second year

Pri, Psychology, second year