Wee together: Gender neutral toilets get the go ahead

There’s going to be three across city campus

Uni bosses have given a thumbs up to introducing gender neutral toilets.

The idea was proposed in November last year but has now been given the go ahead by NTU Estates.

There will be three gender neutral toilets created across the City campus.

The uni currently offers the traditional binary male and female division.

The proposal argued this alienates and discourages trans and genderqueer students from using the toilet facilities which negatively affects the health and welfare of those students.


Gavin Jones-Verity is the LGBT Students’ Officer at NTU and said he has worked very closely with the Pride society on the issue.

He said: “Well the idea came from the first LGBT+ Assembly back in Term One so I’m extremely happy that the University has been receptive and worked to find places to fit them.”

There are no current plans in place to convert any loos at Clifton or Brakenhurst due to building work that is already happening.

NTU Pride society have now been asked to decide on a symbol to make the toilets recognisable.

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