Could this be the best fancy dress you have ever seen?

Where’s Wally, cops and cavemen- but this is an Ocean outfit like you’ve never seen

This week saw five fab second years take a dip in sim-ply the best fancy dress.

Kate Halgarth and her four house mates spent their Wednesday evening dressed as naked sims – and they looked brilliant.


Second years Kate Halgarth,Amelia Aceto, Emma Powell, Becky Curtis, and Ellie Morris


The girls, who have lived together since first year, said they’re not entirely sure who thought of the idea.

Fashion Communication student Kate said: “We were collectively trying to think of an original outfit that we hadn’t seen before and this just came to us.”

normal night

The girls got a good reaction off most of the Trent Army however Kate explained that there was a little bit of confusion.

“Every one kept commenting on our outfits. But a few people seemed to think we were dressed as tetris and one angry guy snatched my headband off and stamped on it.”

All in all the outfit took the ladies an hour to make and only cost them £4, which is around 3000 simolians.

sims ocean

The hilarious housemates are regulars to Ocean but usually just go for the Luv Ya Babes classics.

“Last time we went as Minions, that’s the only other original one we have had, we are usually quite boring which is why we wanted to do something different!”

Kate added: “We love Ocean but most of us have 9am lectures on Thursdays so it takes a lot of convincing to get us all to go out.”

minions 2


We asked Kate what she thought of the ex Trent student with the Ocean logo tattooed on his arse.

She said: “It’s hilarious. That is serious ocean devotion!”

After the brilliance of this weeks get up Kate admits that the next outfit has big expectations.

“We were just saying that we have set the bar quite high so we will have to think of something even better, but we’ve got no idea yet.”


Reckon you can beat this? Let us know.