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Grace Millane jury hear closing statements in murder trial 

The prosecutor said: ‘You can’t consent to your murder’

It’s official: Labour is going to abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants

They’re also going to crackdown on private landlords

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We are rewriting history

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The justice he deserves

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for season eight

Has Christmas come early?!

How to write a CV if you’ve never really had a proper job before

Living off the bank of mum and dad has its downsides

Can someone tell me why loads of fit boys have mullets now?

It just doesn’t make sense

This is who is singing *that* song in the new John Lewis Christmas advert

I know you cried too, it’s fine

The John Lewis Christmas advert is out and I am weeping


These are the 28 best woman yelling at cat memes ever

After reading this you’ll be screaming too

Your font choice absolutely determines what essay grade you will get

Comic Sans users should not bother submitting anything

These 26 memes about the new Sonic movie prove anyone can have a glow-up

Gotta go fast

There’s a Friends reunion in the works and Jennifer Anniston just confirmed it

Could I BE anymore excited?!

You’ll be able to watch episode one of The Crown season three without Netflix

Netflix is launching a free website dedicated for it

This is who students are voting for in the General Election

You’re getting behind the Lib Dems and we’re shook

Top Boy season 4 is officially in the works!!!

Ashley Walters said storylines are already being worked out

Netflix has just released the first teaser trailer for season two of You

It’s actually happening!!

The starter pack guide to every single student during the 2019 General Election

If you’ve ever had shiny balloons for your birthday – you’re a new Tory