Everything going to Swansea uni has taught us

No, I can’t pronounce llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

We’ve reached exam season once again, and as we frantically search through BlackBoard for the notes from that Thursday morning lecture we may, or may not have been too hungover to attend, its time to reflect on the most important lessons Swansea has taught us.

Collecting your Idols stamp should be your first port of call

Arguably one of the most valuable things I’ve learned at Swansea. It may seem simple, but paying that £3 entry and collecting your stamp when you’re fresh out the taxi will save you having to rely on your beer jacket while queuing for 40 minutes post 11pm.


Never wear your best shoes to Tooters

A classic first year rookie mistake. Take my advice, ladies: Friday night in Tooters is not the time for those box fresh heels you’ve just blown your student loan on. Dried VK on nude pumps is never a cute look.


The England V Wales 6 Nations match in Fulton never disappoints

 English or Welsh, be prepared to clear your entire weekend for beer-fueled match, which win-or-lose spills onto Wind St.  It’s almost as iconic as Gavin and Stacey.

Putting your phone in rice actually works

It’s not just an old wives’ tale, the legend is real! Even if your phone falls down the toilet in Tooters.

Hungover? Head to Uplands Diner

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 23.51.58Ten bacon, five eggs, eight sausages, chips, two hash browns, bubble & squeak, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, two black pudding, four toast, four bread and butter, four fried bread and one small burger.

There isn’t a hangover I’ve witnessed that can’t be cured by The Mega Beast. I would happily argue that anyone that can finish it alone deserves extra credits in their degree.

Sin City related puns are a guilty pleasure

We’re all guilty of a “I’ve sinned again” YikYak, or adding “Such a sinner” to our SnapChat story at least once, so stop pretending you don’t find it a little bit funny.


The Costa Del Swan strip is the best night out in Wales – fact

Wind St on Wednesday nights: £1 Jäger, countless themed bars, and a Maccy D’s at the end of the night.  Forever Keen.


‘The Aniball was sick’

Said no one. Ever.

Swanseastudents Snapchat is NSFW

Surely I can’t be the only one that’s been caught out innocently watching “Swanseastudents” Snapchat stories in a lecture, and have been scarred by some “intimate” photos.

As funny as the page is, it’s not suitable for work, for lectures, for the library, or even life for that matter.

Turf War: Verdi’s V’s Joe’s


This can get personal. You either commit to Swansea’s famous, “one flavour fits all”: Joe’s Ice Cream, or the Mumbles-based taste extravaganza, Verdi’s (safe to say I’m #TeamVerdis).

If you’re not still wearing your Freshers’ band in January – did you even go?  

It may be frayed. It might be incredibly unhygienic. But who cares, it’s an absolute staple.


Two marquees aren’t enough for 15,000 people

Let Varsity 2016 be a lesson to us all. A 15,000 ticket sell-out event (especially one as popular as Varsity), needs more than two designated bars. Unless you enjoy waiting an hour and a half for a drink?

Any updates on ‘Sparks in the Dark’?

It’s been three years since the postponement of the 2013 “Sparks in the Dark” Freshers’ event. I’m starting to lose hope.

Whether you’re about to bid “adios” to SwanC for the final time, or continue your journey here come September, I’m sure we can all agree it’s been a pretty sweet year.