Overheard – Week 2

The second installment of daily ramblings from the academic elite down here in Brighton.

7 of the weirdest societies

University is a hub for the weird and wonderful. Here is just the weird. The weird societies to be specific.

5 Facts about the Sussex 5

Sometimes journalists use facts, and nothing but the facts. Here are some facts about the Sussex 5

5 Types of people you meet in seminars

University is a hub of diversity. This is our top 5 cliché character profiles.

5 Things we all miss about home

The top things we all take for granted about our homes.

No hope for East Slope: Uni bigwigs bin Sussex’s ropiest halls

With ‘The Man’ knocking down campus’s biggest party scene, what will be the consequences for life post-East Slope?

Bad Freshers Advice

Mythbusting the poor freshers advice we all received before freshers week.

The Sussex Hunger Games

We live in a world of cliques and fads, but who wins the Sussex campus Hunger Games…

Sussex’s worst graduates

Most unis are proud of their alumni, but Sussex have produced some genuinely awful people

Five Suspended! Thousands Strike! And One Undelivered Yacht!

The Occupy movement has merged with the recent strikes to make themselves heard.

The worst nights out in Brighton

Brighton is supposedly England’s best clubbing scene. Supposedly