Sussex ranked as one of the best unis in the world

Brighton didn’t make it

Fashion at the vintage fair

It was my mum’s in the 80s

Sussex are offering 50 scholarships to Syrian refugees

You can donate to the cause online

Library pigeon is back

The BBNOC (Biggest Bird Name on Campus) makes his triumphant return

Monstrous ink: The best and worst of student tattoos

Tattoos are cool. Everyone knows that. Here are some good and bad tatts from university campuses across the UK

Goldrush: A guide to the final frontier of student sex

Goldrush: period of time just before graduation when you lose all inhibitions and pursue sex with everyone

3 Sussex students cleared of charges

Three charged with obstructing the police are found not guilty.

Bad Freshers Advice

Mythbusting the poor freshers advice we all received before freshers week.