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Sussex University reveals new accommodation prices, huge cuts in current housing prices

A third of residences will see their rent drop

October highlights in Brighton

Hey Brighton, what’s good?

The best booze-free activities in Brighton

Get out of the house, you slob

Skint students struggle to complete degrees and many consider dropping out due to money worries

Research finds that cash-strapped students often consider dropping out because of cashflow issues

Student Hippies: Fuck Off!

I don’t want a free hug. FUCK OFF.

10 things worse than filling out student finance forms

It’s getting to the time of year where student finance are popping letters through the door, wanting the exact details as last year on just another sheet of paper. Whilst this tedious task seems monotonous and pointless, it seems there are things that are worse.

Brighton’s Best Student Pubs

Brighton supposedly has one pub for every day of the year, as students it is our duty to take advantage of this. Forgetting Wetherspoons and West Street, the Tab scouts a few public houses worth spending more of your precious student loan on.

Has The Badger been culled?

The Sussex University student paper has stopped being printed. And the editorial oversight of the whole process is being reviewed. Is The Badger dead?

Student Union President nominations!

Time is running out to nominate yourself as a candidate to run for Sussex University Student Union President.

Student Sex at Sussex Surprisingly Shit

Is your sex life not what you thought it would be at uni?

Unexpected necessities for a student house

A handy guide to the items that may be forgotten when moving into a student house.

Why people seem to hate student Conservatives

Student Conservatives, almost an oxymoron, why does everyone hate them?