Sussex University to start online postgraduate courses

The first course begins this September

Sussex Uni warns students to not leave submissions to the last minute

Better get that essay started then

Both Sussex and Brighton fall in University league tables

Sussex has fallen six places and is now ranked 25th in the country

We spoke to the people who had an East Slope reunion 11 years after leaving

“We used to drink snakebites in our pyjamas with joints tucked behind our ears at East Slope bar. I’m sure many still do.”

We’re back with your Clubbers of the Week

Back at it again

East Slope Bar are selling farewell t-shirts and other goodbye merch

Here’s how to get your hands on one

Sussex Uni are covering all costs to repair the York House break-in damage

The flat was trashed two weeks ago

Breaking: Sussex Festival cancelled

Deadlines were not met by external companies

Sussex student creates fidget spinner which tells lecturers when students are bored

Putting a new spin on the fidget spinner

‘Do you wear Lederhosen?’ and other things German students are tired of hearing

Yes, I do love to drink beer

University of Brighton employee admits to killing his boss but denies murder

He has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility

All of the struggles of living in Stanmer Court

It was one of your last options but you’re stuck here now. Think less ‘Fresh Meat’ more ‘I’m a Celeb’ at the sweet price of £150 a week.

We spoke to the man who transformed a Brighton bus into a homeless shelter

A very different way to use a double-decker

The sun has come out and we’re after your best snaps of sunny Sussex

Sun’s out, guns out

PINK week is coming to Sussex, here’s what’s happening

Let’s get pink and think about breast cancer

The Sussex Cup – Here’s what went down

It wasn’t quite Varsity, although there was a flare

Tighten your laces and pull up your socks; Football vs Homophobia is back

It’s going to be a ball