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A seal has been seen sunbathing on Brighton Beach

Turns out seals like to lie in the sun to help keep warm before summer!

There is a petition for academic justice surrounding Covid-19 and you can sign it here

The petition follows on from the open letter addressed to Adam Tickell

Sussex University is charging students to end their housing contracts early

The University are also requiring 28 days notice

Nominations are open for Sussex BNOC 2020

Forget Tokyo 2020, Sussex BNOC of the Year is here

Meet your candidates for Wellbeing Officer 2020

Ensuring that each and every student has adequate support for any issue they might encounter and proactively representing students’ rights on and off campus

Meet your candidates for Education and Employability Officer 2020

The officer supporting academic representatives and acting for improvement towards learning, teaching and employability.

Meet your candidates for Diversity, Access and Participation Officer 2020

The officer represents students from marginalised backgrounds, students of faith, LGBTQ+ students and students with disabilities.

Meet your candidates for International Students’ Officer 2020

This officer has the responsibility to ensure that the needs of international students are acknowledged and reflected throughout University and the Student Union