A conclusive guide to the best study spots in Brighton

For those of us who rely on caffeine to get work done

I know we don’t like to admit it, but as university students, we kinda have to get *some* work done sometimes. I mean, what else are we paying 9k a year for?! Studying can be a real chore, but coffee and some delicious food always helps make it more bearable. And when those dreaded deadlines begin to creep up, you’ll need to get your head down somewhere… so here are a few of the best options in Brighton to do just that. You can thank us later.

Bread & Milk

First up, we have Bread & Milk. This is located in the North Laines, perfect for if you want to pop in and do some work in between vintage shopping. There is both inside and outside seating, so you can customise your studying experience to your liking. They offer a range of pastries, paninis, sandwiches alongside some of the best coffee you’ll ever have. The minimalist feel means that no matter how busy it gets, you’ll never get too distracted. And they offer a loyalty card, the perfect incentive to keep you coming back for more.


OK, well we all know this one. But stick with us here. Starbucks is a great place to get some work done, because it feels like almost everyone in there has had the same idea! It’s basically the same feel as the library, but with delicious food and drink options at your fingertips. And especially in the autumn/winter seasons, this gives you an excuse to try out all their pumpkin spice (their pumpkin cold brew is insane) and pepperminty flavours. It’s all in the name of work.

Moe’s Coffee Bar

This hidden gem is in a more residential area, just off the end of London Road, perfect for those lazy days where you want to stay as close to your home as possible. It’s a hot spot for Brighton locals and has a welcoming environment and an excellent indie playlist. There are several rooms inside to work quietly, as well as a small outdoor section. We especially recommend their breakfast sandwiches for a delicious energy boost.


Gail’s is a great place to go to and again, in a pretty central location. Plenty of students come in here to get their work done, so you’ll absolutely find your motivation here. And that’s not even touching on their food and drink options . We’re not being dramatic when we say that their flourless chocolate cake is the best treat you can get in all of Brighton – don’t walk, RUN. Plus you can get a freshly-baked sourdough loaf to bring back for the house, if you want to feel like a real adult.

Presuming Ed

Finally, in the heart of London road, we have Brighton’s most colourful coffee shop, Presuming Ed. This is in a very central location and has a lot to offer those who venture in. As well as serving traditional coffee shop food and drinks, they also offer a range of all-day foods (for when you need that extra burst of energy). The atmosphere is consistently buzzy and plays lofi-esque music – so you don’t even need your headphones to concentrate. The inside is just as exciting as the outside too, covered entirely in graffiti and posters. Definitely swing over here something a little more vibrant.

So whether you’re revising or having a breakdown over deadlines, it’s better to do it with an oat milk latte in hand x

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