These are the seven anti rom-com films you need to watch this V-day

Because rom-coms are overrated

Tired of seeing the same old rom-coms? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. With Valentine’s day looming and none of us able to go out, the usual dread of will I, won’t I have a date isn’t as dire as usual, though that doesn’t mean we won’t get the same bombardment of online posts about cute bouquets and chocolates.

So in light of this matter, we have compiled a list of films that  give a different take on love, and are sure to satisfy your Valentine’s Day distaste.

John Tucker Must Die


Coming in sharp first place is this classic anti-rom-com that’s sure to feed your hunger for shaming the worst kind of fuckboy you could imagine. This high school movie revels in revenge with questionable morals, but is a sure fire way to get you out of the romantic blues.

Girls Trip

YouTube: Universal Pictures

This feel-good film will have you revelling in your friendships, showing there’s no need for romantic distraction when you have a group to paint the town red with. Content warning… may put you off zip-wires for life.

Gone Girl


A disappearing wife, murderous tendencies, media coup and nation-wide conspiracy… Need we say more? This film will deter even the most trusting persons from getting into any kind of situation-ship.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind


If you’ve ever doubted Jim Carrey’s ability to be a serious actor, then you need to watch this film. It’s a mind-bending journey, walking us through the destruction of a relationship that ended so badly the protagonists needed to erase their memories. Though this may be a tearjerker, it’s not exactly an incentive to find love.

Before Sunrise

This film will give you all the nostalgic feels for the 90s, but not nostalgic for love. Two strangers meet while travelling, spend a night falling in love, but the logistics of their lives may divide them. This film gives a practical reminder that not all love is meant to last, and that’s okay.

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate plays a hilarious female comedian, who in the midst of her already deteriorating private life falls pregnant after a one-night stand. While this movie has empowering overtones and a little romance, it’s a helpful reminder that one-night stands aren’t always worth it.

The Devil Wears Prada

Okay, hear me out. Anne Hathaway plays the lead heroine who manages to climb the fashion magazine ladder, only to her boyfriend’s disdain. Some may call this film a typical rom-com, but I say it’s a feminist deterrent for shady boyfriends who hate to see women moving up in the world.

Hopefully this eclectic list eases your V-day experience; whether your single, kinda single, or tired of seeing online romances that ultimately render your own as lesser. Let’s celebrate the imperfection of love this Valentine’s Day.