Going booze free as a student? It sounds impossible, but here’s how it’s done

If I completed Dry Jan in a lockdown, you can go a month without booze too

After the car crash of a year that was 2020, it would be so easy to just drink away, given that it’s now 2021, and the coronavirus pandemic is still going on. But on New Year’s Eve, I decided on my New Year’s Resolution: Dry January. Although it seemed interesting, doing it as a student isn’t exactly the brightest idea,  given how much most of us drink. Suffering a hangover on New Years Day, the reality of the task at hand began to dawn.

Despite how challenging doing Dry January was as a student, there are ways of making it easier, and passing the time.

In some ways, being in lockdown kind of made the situation much easier. As all pubs and clubs have shut down for some time, it means that there is less temptation. I suppose if it was done throughout any other time, with open clubs and pubs, the situation would have been ten times harder. So in a weird way, a global pandemic helped make the situation easier…

Another way to pull through the dry month, in the event that you feel tempted, is to stay determined to finish what you started – a bit like being a final year student in a way. It’s a refreshing feeling in a weird sort of way to keep it up even when the going gets tough. And believe me, you’ll feel better if you finish what you set out to start.

Eventually, I completed Dry January. At 00:01 on February 1st, bottle after bottle of beer was drunk, to make up for all the booze I missed out on for a whole month. Alcohol is good in most places, like a night out, meeting your mates or watching sports. But going without it for one month, and in lockdown? It’s never tasted so sweet!

Going without any alcohol for one month as a student is hard enough, but doing it in lockdown of all places deserves a pat on the back. If you want to challenge yourself, then go for it, but remember this: it’s not easy, but it can be done!