Sussex Uni says it’s ready to ‘evict’ students caught breaching lockdown rules

The university stated that it has already taken action to evict students

All students on-campus the University of Sussex received an email tonight from the university stating they face the risk of being dismissed if they get caught breaching government guidelines and the law.

The email follows a reported party of 100 students which took place on campus last weekend.

In the email to students, the university said: “Keeping out students, staff and local community safe during this difficult time is our absolute priority and it must be emphasised that we will not tolerate repeats of the recent serious breaches in our residence, where gatherings have been held.”

On Monday this week, students who remained on campus over the course of the winter break received an email explaining the university is ready to take action against anyone who breaches the law and lockdown guidelines.

The email continued: “We have now taken action to evict students who are identified as breaching the Government guidelines and the law. If this happens again, students could additionally face dismissal from the university entirely – and we have the ability to do this immediately.

“Legal letters will be issued to students living in flats where these offences are committed, to ensure they are aware of the consequences – and the university’s zero tolerance approach.”

The university explained a number of fixed penalties have been issued to students by Sussex Police. Chief Inspector Dan Hiles from Sussex Police shared this message with students: “The vast majority of students within Sussex are law abiding, and at Sussex Police we thank you for this. Most are listening to the Government warnings, accepting the advice and taking personal responsibility to play their part at a time when excess death rates are high and infection rates are dramatically increasing. However, there are still a minority who think the law, and the guidance, does not apply to them. These people believe it is ok to bend the rules, to justify their breaches and be irresponsible.

“While our policing stance remains to be one led by engagement, explanation and encouragement; for those who flagrantly disregard the rules, we will work in partnership with the University to ensure that they are dealt with robustly when necessary, justified and proportionate. Every unnecessary contact – be that through a coffee date, party or travelling when not required – is another possible life lost. So we implore you now, make good choices and help us to keep Sussex safe”.

The university thanked the students who are acting responsibly and abiding the law. They have requested that on-campus residents inform them if they return to campus.