All six of Brighton’s train stations, ranked and rated for your enjoyment

If you seriously like Moulsecoomb station, you don’t have to worry about what’s in the vaccine

Oh Brighton, you give so much to us through your beautiful scenery and wonderful forms of entertainment. But what if we were to tell you that there is one thing that encompasses both of these and no, it’s not the famously pebbly beaches or the terrifyingly hungry seagulls – it’s the train stations.

Nestled in every corner of Brighton, the train stations not only allow you to explore places simply too far to go on foot, but also provide some spectacular views and iconic memories of the city. If you’ve ever wondered how your local station compares to the rest, or want to know who’s been crowned the winner, then read on.

Moulsecoomb, 2/10

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Ah Moulsecoomb, someone had to come last and we’re afraid it’s you. Not only is your name impossible to spell, your station is rather bleak too: only every other train stops here meaning you have to plan your timings perfectly or you’ll end up waiting on the platform for upwards of 20 minutes. The station is shrouded by trees so it’s often dark and a bit dingy – plus there’s only one spot to shelter from the rain and it only fits about five people – a minimal amount in comparison to the crowds of students who try to get the train to uni from here. You can get to Brighton in seven minutes but when you factor in the wait on the platform, the 25 from outside seems the better option as its journey time is only marginally longer and the buses much more frequent.

Warning: avoid this station unless completely desperate.

Preston Park, 4/10

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This station can only be described as grey and dreary, with little character or points of interest. Yes, you can sometimes get a half decent view of Preston Park and the city beyond, but it’s obscured by ugly railings and people trying to find a seat, which there is a really serious lack of. You’ll be lucky if you find one, and even luckier if you don’t get blown away every two minutes by trains from London and further afield that pass through at the speed of light to reach their final destination of Brighton. At just one stop away from the city centre the journey time is only six minutes, but you’ll definitely spend a lot longer than that actually waiting for your train – they’re almost always delayed.

Our advice? Find a bus stop instead.

Hove, 5/10

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Hove seems like a distant land, one filled with big houses and pretty tree-lined streets that diminish the student-clad alleyways of Lewes Road. Realistically, the borders of Hove are only just past Churchill Square but if even that is too far for your lazy bones, then hop on the train from Brighton and in also just six minutes you’ll be in a whole different world.

The station itself is stylish and well maintained, but rather useless in terms of location for Brighton students.

Falmer, 7/10

Ah Falmer station, home of busy trains filled with tired students and drunk freshers craving a trashy club night in town. It may not have the prettiest of platforms, but the bridge gives a nice view of the Amex and lets you feel like a child again watching the trains go by beneath you. What it lacks in decor, it makes up for with memories – tactical chunders when you’ve had a bit too much at pre drinks, sprinting down the stairs for a train that you definitely won’t make, and returning home after the holidays to see that all too familiar station sign.

Valiant effort, Falmer.

London Road, 8/10

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So close yet so far, London Road station scores a silver medal in this competition. Local for most students living in town, it’s used well and is within walking distance to the shops and, yet again, is only six minutes to Falmer, an excellent journey time when rushing for that 9am you forgot about. Wait on the platform at sunset and you’ll catch beautiful views of the sky facing west into Brighton over the colourful picturesque houses that any Brightonian knowns all too well. The only downside? It’s slap bang in the middle of a big fucking hill, so pack your bag wisely if you don’t want to be out of breath by the time you reach the top.

Brighton, 10/10

It really did just have to be Brighton to take the number one spot, the OG train station that everyone knows and loves. The ceiling is iconic and the lighting provides many insta worthy photos, plus the trains are frequent and going anywhere you desire. It’s less than a five minute walk into town and only a bit further than that to the beach, giving it a location that really couldn’t be improved upon.

With 17 shops, eight platforms and four exits, it claims the one space in my heart that is reserved for my favourite train station.