Brighton and Hove Climate Assembly are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030

The group has published transport recommendations for Brighton and Hove

Members of the Brighton & Hove Climate Assembly have released a series of transport recommendations, in hopes of reaching the city’s ambitious 2030 carbon neutral goal.

The ideas focus on reducing travel by private vehicles, increasing active travel, improving public transport and engaging residents in developing and implementing change.

The Climate Assembly is a diverse group of fifty randomly selected residents from across the city, brought together to discuss climate issues and make recommendations about how Brighton and Hove should be combatting climate change. They have created ten recommendations which aim to increase active travel around the city and expand healthier pedestrianised areas.

At the top of the proposed measures are a car free city centre, an affordable public transport system and pedestrianised communities. The recommendation also included mobility hubs, dedicated cycling networks and the introduction of a ‘park and ride’ for the city to reduce car use.

The group also expressed that communication should focus on educating and expanding knowledge, highlighting the way forward as building on incentives for the community rather than sanctions.

Co-chairs of the Carbon Neutral 2030 working group, Phélim MacCafferty and Nancy Platts, have welcomed the recommendations. Councillor MacCafferty told Brighton and Hove City Council “This has been an incredibly exciting piece of work, that has brought together a range of residents from all walks of life to give us their own thoughts about what we do about the climate crisis” 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced that now more than ever we need to work together to prevent the worst of a crisis. I want to thank all members of the climate assembly for their participation, energy and feedback, particularly as the assembly had to move online.

“The conversation certainly doesn’t start and end here – councillors will now look in more detail at the recommendations and consider them as part of transport plans already underway. We continue to welcome the thoughts and views of all residents.”

The recommendations of the Climate Assembly will be considered by the city council, and feedback will help to inform major transport and climate plans for Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Platts said “I am so proud of our city for delivering the first Climate Assembly completely online and for not letting the public health crisis stand in our way of the need to address the Climate Crisis.

“I am excited that we now have the basis for a plan developed through a democratic process and I look forward to being part of the team that makes Brighton & Hove a carbon neutral City by 2030.”