A seagull was rescued with a pole by RSPCA after getting stuck in a bin on NYE

Bit of a messy night, eh?

On New Year’s Eve a seagull somehow managed to get itself trapped inside a recycling bin, Brighton and Hove news reported.

The recycling bin was large with a locked lid to stop wildlife from getting in, but the seagull defied all odds and likely squeezed itself through the post box like opening.

When someone went to throw their recycling away they saw the bird stuck inside but since the lid was locked, they were unable to open it so they contacted the RSPCA. Inspector Cora Peeters had to come up with a way to get the bird out safely.

According to Brighton and Hove News, Inspector Cora Peeters said: “The only way I could get to the bird was to poke my rescue pole through the recycling hole and then try and scoop the bird out that way- but it was really difficult to manoeuvre the rescue pole and look through the gap to see where the bird was.

“It was pretty tricky and kept catching the milk bottles for a start and at the same time trying to avoid getting my face too close to the bin! Thankfully I managed to scoop the bird in the net (along with some extra recycling) and pull him safely out.”

She also reassured that the seagull was “all fine and quickly flew off” after its traumatic ordeal.