Sussex VC’s email states the university has decided to ‘develop a no detriment policy’

Tickell reassured students the university will ‘be doing everything we can’ to help ease the disruption of the pandemic

University of Sussex Vice Chancellor, Adam Tickell, emailed students this evening reassuring them the university had made the decision to develop a no detriment policy for students this year.

In the same email, Tickell also stated that the library is going to remain open, however physical services might differ.

Due to the circumstances students faced in March being very similar to the circumstances they face now, there must be changes made to the no detriment policy. Tickell stated: “This no detriment policy can’t be the same as last year’s, but the aim will still be to ensure that you are not disadvantaged in terms of your final grade through no fault of your own due to the pandemic.”

Tickell also vowed to support international students who are either already at University or are unable to change their travel plans ahead of time.

Updates to follow.