Only students studying Medicine, Teaching or Social Work will be allowed back on campus

Students who live locally to Sussex are also allowed back to university next week

Sussex University’s Vice Chancellor, Adam Tickell, has emailed students this evening stating that unless they study degrees in Medicine, Teaching or Social Work, then they should not return to campus in the new year.

Unless students are living locally, they have been told that they “must not” travel back to their local university address until instructed to do so by the university.

In the same email, Tickell stated that the start of the second semester will most likely be online for the majority of students.

Any student who studies Medicine, Teaching or Social Work must have two coronavirus tests booked prior to the start of teaching. For the remaining students, Tickell stated that they must not return to Sussex University at this time. He said: “At the moment, it is unclear when all other students will be able to return to campus: this will be reviewed by the Government on Monday 18 January.”

Students have been advised to seek wellbeing support, should they need it, by the Vice Chancellor.

Updates to follow.