Sussex Uni senior management pictured gathering without face masks

They also appeared to not be socially distancing


Earlier this week, Sussex University Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell and other university management were photographed gathering on campus without wearing face coverings, and appearing not to be socially distancing.

The university confirmed the gathering happened earlier this week, Monday 14 December, in celebration of the completion of East Slope student village. Tickell was pictured cutting a ribbon as he stands closely to another representative.

In both photographs, no face coverings were being worn and it appears they were standing closer than two metres apart.

One student tweeted about their frustrations with the situation and university management. They said: “I’m extremely angry and disappointed to see Sussex management incl. VC Adam Tickell gathering & not social distancing on campus. Right outside the flats students have been stuck in. I hope they are all held accountable for this.”

Another Twitter user stated: “Absolutely fuck Sussex and their policing of students when the top dogs are doing this!! Fine them!”

Sussex University Students’ Union education and employability officer, Connor Moylett, tweeted: “Students at Sussex Uni, If you want host a fat Xmas party on campus all you need to do is put your suits on and sign a contract for £170 pw luxury flats. Just out of shot are all the Sussex Rent strike, begging for a few £ off this term.”

Master’s student, Alex, exclusively spoke to The Sussex Tab about their anger towards the university management. They said: “After a term during which students have been blamed relentlessly for the spread of coronavirus on campus, it’s absolutely astounding to see senior management at the university so seemingly ignore coronavirus restrictions. Students have been stuck in halls unable to make friends, unable to see family, unable to enjoy university life. Students have made sacrifices for the sake of the community.

“This is just the final nail in the coffin that makes students feel senior management don’t care. I sincerely hope action is taken against the members of senior staff involved in this as it endangers the lives of many. The actions of senior staff depicted in this photo are endangering the lives of many. It is unacceptable and I truly do not understand how senior management expect students to follow coronaviruses restrictions next term when they so clearly do not care about them. I believe senior management need to do something drastic in order to prove they take coronavirus very seriously. Otherwise I I really worry about the spread of coronavirus on campus when students return.”

A spokesperson for the university has since released a statement, saying: “We would would like to provide assurance that we take all Covid safety measures extremely seriously. Whilst the image in question was taken very quickly at the outdoor ribbon cutting, we should have managed this particular moment better with fewer people, distanced further apart.

“We apologise for any upset caused by this.”

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