Sussex students expected to have two coronavirus tests before returning to university

The testing period is expected to last for six weeks to help maximise flexibility

The University of Sussex has announced its plans for mass asymptomatic testing and students’ return to campus for semester two.

It was confirmed in an email this morning from the university that students can expect a mixture of online and in-person teaching next term.

All students are expected to have two coronavirus tests, three days apart, before they return to their studies in the new term.

The university stated that this is to help minimise the risk of entering the class room with coronavirus.

Testing is expected to begin from Monday 4th January and last for six weeks. Students who are unable to return to campus, due to travel restrictions or health issues, will be able to access their learning online.

The university has a new structure for testing which can be seen via the Student Hub website.

For students returning to university from overseas, they have been requested to not book asymptomatic tests and go straight into their two weeks isolation. More information for returning overseas students can be found here.