Never have I ever: Sussex Uni Edition

Everyone’s putting a finger down for being attacked by a seagull

It’s safe to say most, if not all, Sussex Uni students have experienced at least one weird thing happen to them that wouldn’t necessarily be the case at other universities around the country. We’ve made Sussex’s very on version of never have I ever, if you’ve experienced any of these things, congratulations you are a true Sussex Uni Student

Never Have I Ever had a seagull attack me for my food

Seagulls are somehow always screeching

If this hasn’t happened to you then consider yourself lucky, the beware of seagull signs around campus aren’t enough to stop you being on the lookout 24/7 on the chance one of those pterodactyl-sized monsters comes flying down to snatch your Co-op meal deal at 10am.

Never Have I Ever spent my weekly food shop money at the on campus Co-op

Going into the on campus Co-op for a snack and then coming out with an entire bag full of over priced food that you could’ve probably gone without is nothing to be ashamed about.

Never Have I Ever fallen asleep on the N25 and ended up on the other side of campus

Coming home after a night out is brutal, especially if you fall asleep on the night bus and end up doing an entire round of campus and wake up just in time for the science park road stop, having to trek all the way back to your flat.

Never Have I Ever had a Seaside Kebab after a night out

Something about their food is just god-tier. Cheesy chips at 5 in the morning after coming back from a night out at Pryzm is pretty much a Sussex right of passage at this point.

Never Have I Ever walked into the wrong lecture theatre

All the embarrassing glares at 9 in the morning when you walk into the wrong lecture theatre, its not your fault Sussex buildings are so hard to navigate. Definitely makes the whole Uni experience worth it.

Never Have I Ever gotten with someone just because they lived in East Slope

If you live on campus then the single bed life is a hard one so who wouldn’t want to sleep in a small double bed, even if its just one time.

Never Have I Ever gone to the library in hopes of doing work but just ended up scrolling through TikTok

Going to the library in theory is always a great idea to get some work done, but in practice it’s just so difficult when TikTok is so tempting and you have no idea where to even begin with your work.

Never Have I Ever used piss fountain at Old Steine

The bus ride from campus is just so long, especially right before a night out when you had to chug your entire bottle of vodka lemonade because they wouldn’t let you get on the bus with it.

Never Have I Ever tripped going up the East Slope steps

Sometimes it genuinely feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest, but at least it’s a good glute workout. Despite all the judgemental looks you get if you trip.

Never Have I Ever locked myself out of my room

It’s the worst when it’s 4am and all you want to do is get into bed.

Never Have I Ever wanted to get a burrito from that food truck on campus but it was never open

Has anyone actually ever seen it open?

Never Have I Ever gotten the 6 for £10 at Pryzm

Every student loves a good deal, especially if it is tequila shots.
…Oh Sussex, never change!