Different types of Sussex Tinder boys you will find during the pandemic

There is no excuse for some of these messages

Covid boredom means one thing: completing all of your assignments and maintaining perfect attendance… I think not. Jumping onto the App Store and re-downloading Tinder after you promised yourself you’d never go back? Absolutely.

Some of us are out to find love, some of us are seeking that instant validation Tinder offers. Either way, the quality content provided by a Brighton Tinder boy never disappoints.

The Peep Show referencer

Now this is a classic Brighton vibe. We get it-you’re funny. This boy will ask you if you like Peep Show within the first 5 messages exchanged. If you say yes he will turn everything into a reference and everything will lose all meaning. This becomes increasingly more jarring until you reach a point at which you never want to watch television again.

The one who you’re not sure whether or not they are trying to insult you

This boy will call you crazy like it should turn you on but realistically it is just a bit rude. I mean you’re not wrong Tom but come on.


The one who has quite clearly lost the plot

I truly have no words for this one. It is a bit of a mood though let’s be honest.

The honesty king

We stan a man who communicates what he is truly looking for on Tinder. While he probably is expecting a medal and a shag in return for his honesty, this is the better alternative than finding someone you see something serious with only to discover they were only in it for a hookup*.

Here for one thing only

Here is the hookup type as mentioned previously*. This boy uses the googly eyes emoji like there’s no tomorrow, turning everything into an innuendo.

“I kinda fancy you,” first of all “kinda”?! second of all, I should hope so mate you did swipe right.

The one with no filter

I don’t know about you, but men like Jack terrify me.

Whatever floats your boat, sir.

The keen bean

You know what, at least it’s direct.

The funny guy

If you have been using Tinder in the time that quarantine has been a thing, chances are you have also received this message. Boys, I hate to burst your bubble but it is not original. Time to start brainstorming the next isolation based pick up line x

‘I smoke weed’

Most of the time these messages are intended to be ironic, I am aware. However, I just know that you are being somewhat serious and it is truly distressing.

Only here for the dog

By far the biggest mood of all. This should hurt a smidge but my dog is cuter than me and I respect your honesty.


It’s all fun and games really. You may be unlikely to find your husband out of this bunch, but it’s not impossible, and it’s some light entertainment if nothing else. Happy swiping x