A Brighton pub is serving a drink called ‘substantial meal’ to get around restrictions

We wish it could be a thing

A Brighton pub has gained attention this week after advertising a draught pint, rebranded ‘substantial meal’, in light of the new Tier 2 lockdown restrictions.

The Caxton Arms farcically advertised the ‘new drink’, suggesting a possible loophole in the newly-introduced lockdown restrictions which dictate that pubs may only serve alcohol with a ‘substantial meal’. The beverage, which was was described as ‘hearty, filling and flavoursome’, was posted on Facebook and Instagram, and has since been shared across the country.

Credit: @caxton_arms, Instagram

The landlord, Brett Mendoza, told The Argus “It’s a farcical situation. No one knows what a substantial meal is.

“We were talking about what a substantial meal actually is, so I printed this off as a joke, attached it on top of one of our other beer pumps and posted it on social media.

“Next thing I know it’s been shared thousands of times, I don’t even know how many people have seen it now”.

Despite a lot of interest, with many people attempting to order bottles of the ale, the ‘substantial meal’ beer is currently only fictional. Mr Mendoza reiterated: “It’s not a real beer”.