Volunteers are wanted for a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial in Brighton

A highly diverse group of people is needed

Pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson are looking for participants in and around Brighton to take part in clinical trials for a newly developed coronavirus vaccine in a study called ENSEMBLE.

You may be able to take part in the study if you fit with the requirements, which include being 18 years of age or older, being in good and stable health, and having not previously received a vaccine for coronavirus. If you qualify, you will receive either the investigational vaccine or a placebo.

According to to ENSEMBLE website, “the purpose of the ENSEMBLE clinical research studies is to determine the safety and efficacy (whether it works) of an investigational vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.

“Research has shown that certain diseases and medications may impact people differently based on their age, gender, race, and ethnicity. In many countries, COVID-19 has disproportionally impacted both older people and minority populations. Therefore, clinical research studies often require large and diverse numbers of volunteers to participate in a single study, sometimes thousands are needed to obtain reliable information. ”

The study will not be paid, however, participants will be compensated for their time and reimbursed for travel expenses.

Find out more on their website here.