Brighton coronavirus cases fall by 50 per cent just before the city enters Tier 2

‘When lockdown ends next week, it’s really important that we don’t relax our efforts’

The number of recorded weekly coronavirus cases in Brighton and Hove has fallen by almost 50 per cent, the most recent figures show.

Reportedly, there were 264 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the week leading up to November 20, compared to the 519 cases which were recorded in the previous 7 days.

Yesterday, it was announced that Brighton and Hove, along with the rest of Sussex, will be entering Tier 2 as of December 2.

Director of public health, Alistair Hill, has commended the public for their efforts during lockdown. Mr Hill stated: “Cases in Brighton and Hove have decreased in the past week. I think this shows that people in the city are taking lockdown seriously and it is having the right effect.”

However, Mr Hill also acknowledged that the coronavirus rate in Brighton and Hove can fluctuate, he said: “We’ve seen the numbers of cases rise and fall dramatically over the past month. We know we still have a worrying number of cases within our most vulnerable communities. When lockdown ends next week, it’s really important that we don’t relax our efforts.”

Mr Hill has urged the public to keep the elderly and vulnerable in mind as the city makes its way into Tier 2, The Argus reported.

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