Sussex’s best dressed: Lockdown edition

Sussex never disappoints in the fashion category

Lockdown 2.0 has been a huge disappointment, to say the least. There’s nothing fun about this one. Gone are the days of banana bread, day drinking and YouTube workouts – we all have assignments to complete now. And let’s be honest, we’ve all given up on trying to be healthy now that summer bods no longer matter.

So here comes the issue: you’ve completed all your work for the day (or maybe you’ve given up, no judgement here) and boredom strikes. What do you do? Well, it looks like people across Brighton and Sussex have taken to making the most of their little time outdoors, making sure they dress to impress. It’s true what they say – you never know when you might bump into the love of your life, so we can’t be looking dull.

The Sussex Tab have compiled Sussex’s best dressed during lockdown. And they all look absolutely fabulous!

Fearless in flares


Flares can be difficult to pull off, but Katie has pulled together a simple but stunning outfit in which her flares are the star of the show. Her red crop top compliments her complexion and even fits in with the autumnal setting behind her. She has even managed to keep her Air Force 1’s pristine –  not sure many of us can brag about that!

Christmas came early


This little guy dressed up as Santa at the beginning of November. It’s never to early to spread the joy of Christmas, especially when it’s sported by such a cutie. It’s safe to say we all need something to smile about during lockdown, and if you haven’t today already, here is your excuse. How many mince pies do you reckon he’s stolen from the kitchen cupboard?

Pretty in pink


This is such a cute, girly outfit that utilises different prints and colours. It’s normally quite tempting to layer a colourful t-shirt over a neutral long sleeve, but Jasmine dares to mix this up. The leopard print sleeves give her base layer a reason to stand out, despite being the same colour as her t-shirt. The green beret gives us Paris vibes, with the pink lettering doing well to tie in with her tops.

Bold and beautiful


It’s often scary to wear bold prints together, but Aleksandra has the confidence to pull this look off effortlessly. Nothing looks out of place, and the blues jeans and pink bucket hat provide wonderful pops of colour that break up the otherwise monochromatic colour scheme. Fishnet tights are also an easy way to make wearing jeans more fun!

Matching Ankara outfits


These guys look amazing in their coordinating outfits, a celebration of their culture. The different shades of green are heightened by the bright white, and do not leave you thinking there is an overload of green. These bold prints are beautiful and are rarely seen around Sussex – take this as a sign to follow in their footsteps.

A statement with zebra


70s rockstar vibes


Sunglasses are worn indoors by icons only, and the shape of these ones only make them all the more notorious. The gold of the belt buckle and watch are offset by the grungy silver of the chain necklace, suggesting this person does not abide by the rules of fashion by any means. This is a look that could only be pulled off by a select few, including Freddie Mercury.

Animal prints have been back in for a while now, and this splash of zebra print definitely gives this all black outfit a new lease of life. The fluffy material softens the look, and provides a bit of warmth during what has been a crisp autumn. This is proof that one statement piece can truly transform a simple outfit.

The best dressed of Sussex during lockdown have been very impressive this time around. Hopefully we have provided a bit of fashion inspo for those of you who haven’t been able to leave the house much this lockdown. It’s almost time to break out of your joggers and hoodies, boys and girls!