Brighton student denies organising Halloween party breaking Tier 1 rules

He is currently facing a £10,000 fine from Sussex Police

A Halloween party was broken up at Andrew Murdymootoo’s house on Norwich Drive, Bevendean on the 31st of last month. Murdymootoo, aged 21, now faces a fine of £10,000 from Sussex Police as a result of this event breaching the current coronavirus regulations.

The student denies that he and his housemates were responsible for the event, stating that the large gathering was caused by people gate-crashing. He claims that he attempted to make them leave the property.

Local residents said that at the party in question, there were at least 100 people, which was in breach of coronavirus guidelines at the time of only six people allowed in one household.

Murdymootoo admitted that he is aware that this was a large gathering and agrees with the police ‘100 per cent.’ However, he adamantly denies responsibility for the size of the party and states that the event that night was not held by himself or any of his housemates.

When speaking to The Argus, Sussex Police’s Chief Constable Joe Shiner reported that a number of her colleagues “were subjected to both verbal and physical abuse.”

There were many large gatherings the same night across Brighton that the police were also called to, many of which resulted in the same fine in line with coronavirus regulations.