The best spots to exercise outdoors in Brighton if you’re not into walking or running

Get some fresh air and get that body movin’

Exercising outdoors in Brighton is nothing short of popular, but finding the best places to do so can be a challenge. If you’re looking to keep yourself moving in lockdown, but running or walking isn’t your thing, here’s the go-to low down on all the best places to exercise outdoors:

William Clarke Park

This hidden gem can be found at the end of Picton Street and leads through to Hartington Road. You might be wondering, why is this park such a gem? Well, it’s well concealed and never that busy, so perfect for getting your sweat on without worrying about being watched!

This park is quite popular for circuit training. Whether you’re by yourself or with a friend, jump squats and burpees here will get you out the house. If you have some weights or resistance bands you can bring them with you and get your pump on in the fresh air. For all those capable of pull ups, there are three pull up bars in the park of varying height so you can get those reps in. Of course, we must be mindful of the virus among us, so remember to wash your hands and use some sanitizer after.

Places to skate

Skating can be done almost anywhere, as long as you have a decent surface. Some great places include The Level skate park, the area outside The Level Café (where you could also try your hand on the ping pong tables), the large area of ground behind St. Peters church, which continues down through Victoria gardens that have some lovely smooth paths to zoom down. In this area between St. Peters church and Victoria gardens there are often free runners jumping over the city’s obstacles. Parkour, anyone?

If you’re in the very early days of skating and want somewhere secluded to get the basics down and build your confidence, William Clarke Park is also perfect. There’s a smooth surface to skate on and a windy path that goes round some of the park equipment to test out your turning skills. If you are getting a bit stir crazy inside, learning how to skateboard or roller blade is a good option to get yourself out the house!

Another skating spot, and arguably the most scenic, would be the sea front. If you don’t fancy skating along the promenade there are large areas by the basket ball court (yes, another place to play basketball with two nets!) as you make your way towards Hove. Some people set up slack lines on the pillars by the i360, so the possibilities for outdoor exercise are endless!

Saunders Park

Our final recommendation would be the basketball court (again with two nets), which can be found at Saunders Park on the way to Aldi on Lewes road. This one is usually fairly busy, so if you want to get involved in a game (obvs covid -permitting) then this is the place!

Never be afraid to get outside and get your blood pumping, even if people are watching as you move to look after your mind and body – there ‘aint nothing embarrassing about that!