Pints, fun toilet grafitti and nachos: A love letter to Falmer Bar

We can’t be there right now so let’s enjoy it through a little nostalgic homage

There’s no point in lying, we’ve all experienced at least one banging night in Falmer Bar – it’s a classic. Whether it’s been an impromptu stop off after a really shitty seminar, your first pint as a Fresher or a pit stop for a Sunday roast. It’s always been there in our hour of need. Now that Boris and his government have decided on another lockdown, we have once again been stripped of our beloved Falmer Bar. So, instead, let’s enjoy it through a little nostalgic homage. From it’s cute interior design to the friendly faces behind the bar – here’s all the reasons why you’re missing Falmer Bar right now.

1. The food is out of this world

This is a must for every fresher; two pints of cheap Carling, mozarella sticks and nachos. Enjoyable just as much after 5 pints as during a sober stop off in the day. Falmer food has a place in everyone’s hearts. If you’re not feeling like a loaded pulled pork chips you can go for the lighter option of the Deli food. The parma sandwich is also a perfect healthy option.

If you’re anything like us and missing the food then you should know that Falmer Bar is still open for collection and takeaway. Pop by and go get yourself some cheesy chips or a burrito, you deserve it.

2. The mega cheap pints

Absolutely no where can beat Falmer Bar, the prices are super cheap and affordable. If you’re feeling strapped for cash, it’s the best place to go.

3. The interior design

The design is very specific, it’s quite comforting and it adds to the charm. It feels like a mixture of your grandma’s house and a youth club – good vibes only.

4. They have beaut craft beers and ciders

If you’re not feeling like a classic Carling, Amstel or Heineken then Falmer has an impressive selection of funky drinks. For example, who doesn’t like helping themselves to an indie Punk IPA or a low-alcohol Nanny State. If you’re feeling even more boujee then why not go for a classic Old Mout Cider.

5. The staff are lovely

Who doesn’t love the staff? The maroon managers are always there to crack a joke with you. Also, who doesn’t know a Sussex student who works there? Friendly faces and cheap prices.

6. Falmer Bar Deli, get in my belly

The Deli has everything. From vegan dreams to the spicy Spanish chicken. There’s nothing better on a shitty day than a lil trip to the Deli.

7. The working environment is ideal

Room 76 is adored by many. Not only because its the best place to work, but also because its got the greatest hot drinks on campus – as well as Pearls Bubble Tea.

8. It’s perfect for catching up with mates

Everyone’s had a drunken social at Falmer. If you’re lucky you’ll catch the Pirate Society in their outfits or the sports social outfits.

9. It is super convenient

This is why we all go, let’s not lie? Falmer is the place you’ll bump into an ex, an old flatmate and your lecturer all in the same evening. From the infamous pool table games to the chit chats in the toilet, its always a good time.

10. Toilet graffiti

Want the latest campus gossip or lowdown on all the best upcoming events? You can always find this on the inside of the toilet cubicle door alongside a few sex confessions too.