A list of things Sussex students can put a finger down to in 2020

‘Put a finger down’ 2020 Sussex student edition


The year 2020 has been a very interesting year to say the least. There have been some ups and down (mostly downs, to be honest) but a fun game could cheer you and your flatmates up during lockdown nights in.

Everyone knows the famous ‘put a finger down’ trend that TikTok has given us, so here’s our very own edition, fit for any Sussex student in 2020. Put a finger down whenever something below is applicable to you, and don’t be shy about it, we are all going through it!

1. Put a finger down if you tested positive for COVID-19

The first one is a bit of an obvious one – we hope you’re all doing okay. Thanks a lot 2020.

2. Put a finger down if you lost your sense of taste or smell and panicked

Yikes! Maybe you can enjoy a roast again once this is over.

3. Put a finger down if you have dyed or cut your own hair at home

This generation really thought that they could combat this pandemic with an orange mullet, didn’t they?

4. Put a finger down if you baked a banana bread

To be fair, banana bread is delicious, and suitable for any culinary skill level.

5. Put a finger down if you have made a TikTok

Ugh, I know TikTok has taken over our lives, but who’s complaining? Probably, your ten unfinished assignments.

6. Put a finger down if you participated in a movie marathon

Harry Potter, Lord of the rings or perhaps Star Wars? Either way, this year has been a good excuse to just sit in bed and watch movies, popcorn included.

7. Put a finger down if you started working out or hiking during quarantine

Many people found exercising to be a great coping mechanism, it was a good opportunity to try something new, perfect a skill, and maybe stop yourself from killing your housemates/family. However, even if you didn’t, that’s OKAY. We are in the middle of a pandemic, take it slow.

8. Put a finger down if you picked up a new hobby

Maybe painting, crocheting, baking, or learning how to play the guitar. Either way that’s a good thing! Keep it up!

9. Put a finger down if you have gone back and forth about starting a novel

That’s an ambitious goal, so props to you if you actually did.

10. Put a finger down if you attended a lecture on Zoom whilst still in bed

I think we are all guilty of this one.

11. Put a finger down if you played cards against humanity with your flatmates

This game is awesome and can result in fits of laughter.

12. Put a finger down if you redecorated your room

Spending hours on end in one space, you begin to realise that it might need some changes. Changing up your room and experimenting with décor has been keeping lots of students busy during quarantine.

13. Put a finger down if you miss nights out

Do you miss Concorde 2, Shooshh, Revenge, or Pryzm? We are all wondering when we will be able to go back – thanks a lot, miss Rona.

14. Put a finger down if you started ordering groceries online

Honesty, it is so much easier.

15. Put a finger down if you dressed up as a Euphoria character for Halloween

You must have amazing makeup skills.

16. Put a finger down if you have been an advocate for human rights movements and have signed petitions

Change is happening all around us in 2020 and people have started to realise that acts of revolution are necessary for change. Social media has been full of petitions that need to be signed. Don’t stop now, we’ve got this!

17. Put a finger down if you were really close to dropping out of uni

Navigating life and university during lockdown and quarantine is extremely challenging and draining. But try to be positive, it won’t last forever.

18. Put a finger down if you wore the same outfit for days on end

Hoodies and sweatpants are all you really need right now.

19. Put a finger down if you drank too much wine during lockdown

Listen, you deserve this.

20. Put a finger down if you want 2020 to be over

Pretty self-explanatory.

How many fingers did you put down?