6 Study tips that will help you thrive during lockdown

Take advantage of lockdown 2.0 and get your work done

Whether you are a first-year reading this or you are in your final year, you have been haunted by the urge to procrastinate your assignments away. The only person that’s getting in the way is yourself.

Here are some tips to help inspire you:


Admittedly, we’ve all been guilty of studying for the sake of putting in the hours but not necessarily effectively. Sometimes, we’ve dodged the assignment all together till the last minute because it felt too much. By studying smart, you’ll feel less stressed and won’t have to overwork yourself unnecessarily.

First, prioritise the assignments you have before getting to the other meaningless tasks that you’re overloaded with.

Make a list of the assignments that require the most effort. By doing this you’ll be able to focus your energy on what you find most challenging. This will help turn your perceived ‘weaknesses’ into strengths.


Before the start of the week, write down the key tasks that you have to accomplish.

For example, if you have three 2,000 word reports due in two weeks’ time, don’t let this intimidate you. List the first section of each report you must accomplish. When you tick it off during the first week, you’ll feel more confident and able to go through them all attentively during the second and third weeks.


You are more productive during the mornings, use this to your advantage. Set a time during weekdays when you wake up and go to bed.

For example, if you wake up at 9 am and go to bed at 10 pm this will leave you plenty of time to schedule your study times as well as break times. By midday, you will have ticked off some things from your to-do list and feel so much better.

Meditating in the morning or working out can also help you to feel more productive and have a positive start to the day.


Keep an eye out for the people that seem to be on a roll on your course. Start talking about how your assignment is going and vice versa. If you spot a potential study buddy, slip in your Facebook or Instagram so you give each other feedback on assignments and what’s going on in the module in general.(There is no shame in asking for help, we’re all in the same boat here). Start using each other’s strengths.


If your brain isn’t properly fed, you’re likely to feel anxious, sad and irritable. For the coffee addicts out there, make it a habit not to drink more than 3 a day and stop drinking after 5 pm.

Some easy ‘brain food’ you should buy when grocery shopping during deadline season: carrots, hummus, fish, avocado, eggs, lentils. As an alternative to your afternoon coffee or tea, you can mix it up with a smoothie or even water with lemons.

Also, don’t forget to drink water. Your brain is 73 % water so it’s important for you to #stayhydrated.


It’s important to plan time for yourself and time to meet friends. Especially during lockdown when feeling isolated and alienated kicks in at times. Plan a self-care night once a week. Take a hot bath. The bottom line is, engage in whatever makes you feel relaxed.