The six best Italian restaurants in Brighton, approved by an actual Italian student

Places to make you feel a little less homesick

Home cooking is something that every student takes for granted when they first come to university. Before uni, you always tried to stay out of the way in the kitchen to let your parents cook for you but now, you spend your days trying to recreate the recipes that you miss. Ok, so it’s not as tragic as putting ketchup on overcooked pasta, but more like consuming several jars of pesto a week.

Many students become homesick and food plays a huge role in this: what was once something reliable and prominent in life, a home cooked meal, is now something of a chore. After many failed attempts in the kitchen, many students turn to options in the city instead. Brighton is full of authentic and vibrant restaurants that could make any Italian feel right at home and provide a delicious cultural insight for any non-Italians.

The Sussex Tab has collated a list of the best authentic Italian restaurants in the hope that when the second nation-wide lockdown is lifted, you can enjoy them too.

Fatto a Mano Pizzeria (meaning hand-crafted)

If you want a good Neapolitan pizza, Fatto a Mano is the place for you. The pizza is as authentic as they come, a soft and pillowy crust cooked in a 450+ degree wood fire oven. Their menu is simple and elegant, consisting in traditional starters and pizzas all made with fresh ingredients. To finish off the evening, make sure to try their dessert option ‘Scugnizzielli Nutella’ which is a plate of incredible little fried dough balls covered in Nutella. This restaurant is definitely worth the trip. (If you speak Italian feel free to jump in, every server will definitely understand you).

Credit: @fattoamanopizza

Rating: 10/10

Price point: ££-£££

Location: London Road & North Lain


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Franco Manca (meaning Franco is missing)

Short and sweet. Franco Manca is well-known for their incredible sourdough pizza and fast table service. The dough is so soft and airy that it’ll make you want to eat the crust (or cornicione). The menu is simple but classic, presenting seven traditional recipes that are loved by everyone. Of course, they also accommodate for vegans and vegetarians and anyone with dietary restrictions.

Credit: @francomancapizza

Rating: 8/10

Price point: £-££

Location: Regent Street


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NuPosto (Neapolitan for “you’ll be alright”)

Located near the seafront, NuPosto is a great option for those of you looking for a lively atmosphere with great food. This place is fantastic for larger groups that want to have a drink along with their meal. Nuposto truly fulfils their aim to give Brighton a taste of Italy, embracing the classic style of Italian cooking and simultaneously introducing a modern twist.

Credit: @nuposto

Rating: 8/10

Price point: ££-£££

Location: West Street


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Polpo (meaning octopus)

This elegant Venetian restaurant is a great place to celebrate special occasions. Its price point is high, however the quality of their ingredients and the craftsmanship of the dishes is definitely worth spending a little more. The menu is thoughtfully compiled, combining traditional dishes with new revised recipes. Despite their suggestive name, they have a variety of meat and plant based meals that accommodate everyone. If you do choose to visit, make sure to leave some space for their iconic tiramisu.

Credit: @polpo_restaurant

Rating: 8/10

Price point: £££-££££

Location: New Road


Cin Cin (meaning cheers)

A very pricey but very delicious option for those of you that want to explore Italian cuisine beyond pizza and calzones. Their menu changes every month and is tailored to seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is very well curated, from their impeccable service to their delicious (and very instagram worthy) dishes. Their fresh pasta and abundant sauces are truly worth a visit – this is a very fancy option for those of you that want to treat themselves this autumn.

Credit: @cincinuk

Rating. 9/10

Prince point: ££££

Location: Vine Street


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Purezza (meaning purity)

A delicious vegan option for all our environmentally conscious friends. A Mediterranean diet does not typically restrict eating meat, fish or dairy, therefore at Purezza you will find some really different and creative recipes. Although it may not be traditionally Italian, their handmade sourdough pizza and variety of pastas are incredible. They have truly revolutionised Italian food by using fresh, cruelty free ingredients. 

Credit: @purezza

Rate: 10/10

Price point: ££-£££

Location: James’s Street


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