What type of sandwich are you based on your University of Sussex accommodation?

We all know that your accommodation says a lot about the type of sandwich you are

Sandwiches are like snowflakes, mountains or DNA – each so beautifully and wonderfully unique. No two sandwiches are the same, and basically anything can be made into a sandwich (trust us).

Despite the complexity of sandwiches, from falafel wraps, to BLTs, to a ‘whatever is left in the fridge sandwich’, the accommodation you picked when living on campus says a lot about the type of sandwich you would be.

So where to start? Despite how diverse sandwiches can be, we don’t think they could ever truly represent how diverse Sussex accommodation is. So, although through extensive sandwich testing, research and fridge looking, there will be of course some diversity. Don’t blame us, blame the sandwiches.

Lewes Court – Ham and Cheese

At least it is more than just bread, keep working on your decision making Lewes Court

Lewes Court is sometimes forgotten about, lost and underrated. But without doubt, if you live here, you are a ham and cheese sandwich. A timeless combo that has been around for a good while. However, I am sorry to say it, but you hate making decisions. You tend to stick to the same tried and trustworthy options over and over again. When someone asks you a simple question like “where do you want to get drinks,” you honestly have no idea but try to uphold the Lewes Court name by suggesting somewhere cool, trendy or anywhere with cheap alcohol, and you will probably resort to Wetherspoons. It’s okay, keep trying, and you and your ham n’ cheese sandwich self will get there eventually.

Stanmer Court – Spicy chicken wrap

You like to think being in Stanmer Court makes you edgy, and maybe it does.

It has to be a spicy chicken wrap, and you will let absolutely everyone know that a spicy chicken wrap is your favourite sandwich. You try and claim that it is so much easier for you travel with being so close the station, but in reality, we know it’s because you don’t like stepping out of comfort zone of the people in Stanmer Court with your spicy chicken wraps. Although, does a wrap even qualify as a sandwich? You like to think you are edgy, regularly telling people “I’m not like other girls/boys,” – and maybe you aren’t, maybe you are the most unique person ever to exist. But your edgy unpredictability is short-sighted, because we all know what your Nando’s order is.

Northfield – Full English

To be fair to you, Northfield, breakfast is a fabulous meal that should always be celebrated.

You might be expecting a salmon sandwich or hoisin duck wrap, but we all know that if you live in Northfield, you are a full English breakfast in a white or sourdough bap (vegetarian full English for all those who own a pair of elephant trousers from your gap yah) Imagine sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and whatever other boujee food that goes into a Full English, shoved into a sandwich. It could have so much potential; there are so many delicious ingredients, but in reality, when all shoved into that sourdough bap, it just creates a big, yolky mess (yes, Northfield, we’ve seen the state of some of your kitchens). With the family flats just around the corner, a full English is a perfect family-friendly sandwich to compensate for all those house parties that get reported.

Park Village – Marmite

Love it or hate it, Marmite on bread is the option that some people cannot get enough of, and some people would rather cry themselves to sleep. That is all.

East Slope – Cheese toastie

Reckon some of you put ketchup with your grilled cheese toasties

A cheese grilled toastie, but think fancy cheese. If you live in East Slope you like to think that is where it’s all happening (we know security do). Although first impressions are a little hard for you, once people get to know who you truly are, you’re completely unforgettable (we will let you decide whether that is good or bad.) You often present your cheese ‘grilledness’ using your fancy kitchen appliances, actually owning a toastie maker or coupling it with a smoothie made in your Nutri-bullet. As well as having a constant need to eat toasties, maybe with some pesto in, you are the answer to the long and much upheld “any motives?” question.

Park Houses – Egg mayo

Running away as fast as I can from the egg mayo sandwiches, sorry Park Houses…

Egg Mayo is the only way forward for Park Houses. It has a strange smell, but some people actually thoroughly enjoy an egg mayo sandwich. Maybe your one of those sociable types of egg mayo, or one that we see maybe once every month. It has simple ingredients but will keep you going. You are not afraid of judgement and probably quite good about making the most out of “meh” situations.

Swanborough – Hoisin duck wrap

It’s the tinted windows for me

Being so close to the Co-op and with kitchen applicants breaking often, you are none the less, the hoisin duck wrap. As making your own sandwiches is out of the question, you are not afraid of a cheeky Co-op meal deal or whatever other fancy wraps they have in stock, and will probably pair it with an innocent smoothie to really get your money’s worth. You are resourceful and like your friends to think you are ‘out there’, whilst sticking with the same meal deal each time. You are proud of your decisions and will let everyone know exactly how good a hoisin duck wrap is. You probably have an Insta account devoted to hoisin duck wraps. You like to think by eating this wrap you are the life of the party, that without you, there would be no party.

Brighthelm – BLT

BLT’s are such a strong contender that I have muscles of BLT’s

With all that money you save on laundry, you are able to couple together simple ingredients to make a beautiful creation: a BLT. You like the comforts of home but know that you can go through life with an effortless vibe. You see yourself as a bit of a sandwich artiste – you piece things together, create beauty and life out of such simplicity and comfort. You truly embrace the BLT philosophy throughout your university career.

So, whatever sandwich you may be, whatever combination of fillings inside those two joyous pieces of bread, we see you sandwiches, and we thank you for your service.