St Peter’s Church are giving out free food and care packages to all students in Brighton

There are no strings attached, anyone can get one

If you’re a student in Brighton, and want to take advantage of an amazing deal with stpeterstudents and get some free stuff, then look no further.

The student-led organisation at St Peters Church is taking part in the Love Students campaign along with eight other churches in Brighton.

Via their Instagram, they’ve said “we don’t want any students going hungry or feeling alone, so we are here to support you in this lockdown at this time.”

There are two types of packages to select from, one is a care package which includes things to brighten up your day like cards, beer and face masks. The other is the food package which includes enough food for every meal in two days, like pasta, cereal and pasta sauce.

You can sign up to receive one of these packages for yourself via the link in their Instagram bio which you could forward to your friends. Or if you’re worried about a friend feeling lonely, struggling with food resources, or just fancy making someone’s day, you can send them one yourself.

They have said “We want to get these packages out to as many students as possible across Brighton”, so take advantage of this great offer.

They also do various other events too, check out their Instagram for more details.