UPDATED: There is currently 53 Sussex students who have tested positive for coronavirus

There have been 638 total cases at the time of this update

The most recent statistics from the University of Sussex show that as of 11th November, 56 members of the university were self-isolating due to a positive coronavirus test result. This number consists of 3 members of staff and 53 students.

This tells us that there has been an increase of 25 cases since our previous update.

By looking at the cases recorded throughout October, it is clear that we are seeing improvements comparatively but as a result of this increase, it is vital that all precautions and safety measures continue to be adhered to.

The university continues to update this information at 3pm on every weekday and weekend data will be provided on the following Monday.

This information comes as students express continued frustration towards online teaching and the lack of concern for student welfare.

If you or any of your housemates begin to experience symptoms of coronavirus, this should be reported here.