UPDATED: Coronavirus statistics for the University of Sussex have been released

The number of students isolating has decreased by more than 50 per cent

As of the 8th of November, 31 staff and students from the University of Sussex were self-isolating as a result of a positive coronavirus test. In total, these are six on-campus students and 25 students who live off-campus. These figures are an improvement when looking at last month as the total number of cases in October was 84, making the current number of cases half of what it used to be.

Image from the University website

The university is keen to point out that whilst the overall number of cases decreasing is good news, it doesn’t mean that students should get complacent and relax the rules on social distancing. Keep washing your hands with soap and water, keep wearing a mask and keep cleaning objects and surfaces that are touched often.

More information on this and self-isolation can be found on the university’s website here