Update: Brighton and Hove no longer has the highest coronavirus rate in Sussex

Crawley now has the highest infection rate

According to recently shared government date, Brighton city is now second to Crawley for highest coronavirus rate.

In the week leading up to October 31, there were 391 confirmed coronavirus cases in Brighton and Hove.

Throughout summer and early autumn, Brighton and Hove had the highest coronavirus infection rate in Sussex.

This news follows after The University of Sussex published new coronavirus infection statistics yesterday. They revealed there was currently 42 students who have tested positive for covid-19. In total since the start of term, across both Universities in Brighton, there have been over 800 positive cases of covid-19.

Students studying at the University of Sussex were also recently instructed to not return home during the four week lockdown in order to save the lives of their loved ones.

Despite being a University city and tourist attraction, Brighton and Hove has been overtaken. Given Crawley’s population, their infection rate is now higher.

You can access the full interactive map here.