A definitive answer to what your shoe says about your Sussex student vibe

If you don’t own a trusty pair of Air Force 1’s it’s a big red flag

Students studying all over the UK share qualities which separate them off from the rest of the world. Every campus has that girl who wears that Topshop coat. Pretty much any boy at uni will be caught wearing a signet ring. But what we wanted to know is, what makes Sussex University stand out? Naturally we thought of the excellent shoe selection we catch walking around campus and Brighton. It seems that every type of shoe has a specific type of owner. After hours of scientific experiments and mathematical calculations, we worked out your general vibe based on what shoe you wear.

Whether you’re a fresher or reading this and regretting starting your masters – our guide to Sussex shoe trends is all you need.

The White Air Force 1

How can we not kick start this with the most basic bitch shoe on the list? Every student and their mum owns a pair of these bad boys. It’s a major red flag if you don’t own a pair, even if they tick is a funky colour.

It’s fair to say that this is the BNOC of the entire shoe game at Sussex Uni, it pretty much means you live for Epik Wednesday’s and you’re a simp for studying in cafés.

The Classic Converse

Whether you own a bright colour or the classic black pair, you have the patience of a saint. We all know how much effort they are to chuck on before you rush out the door, it shows a lot of dedication. However, the condition of your converse also reveals a lot about you. If they’re kept gleaming and squeaky clean then you are a sucker for the library, you have you shit together and you’ll always give yourself enough time to grab a coffee in the Language Café before your lecture. But if they’re dirty then it’s likely you go to sleep wearing last nights outfit, shoes still laced up because taking them off sober is hard enough – let alone when you’re absolutely steaming.

The Chunky Fila

This is a runner up for the BNOC title. Every girl who’s below the height of 5’7 can be caught rocking a pair of these. You might have heard these shoes be called ‘whomper stompers’ before. They can be heard a mile off, whether they’re storming around patterns or slamming down the Arts A stairs – they will do some damage.

Nothing but respect for the owner to be honest.

The Nike Air max 97s

A bold but respectable choice. The reflective detail means you’re both stylish but also like to be the centre of attention. You like to steal everyone’s glance when shopping in the campus co-op. It’s no doubt that you’ll whack these on for a night out too, you’ll demand pics to be taken with flash so that people are aware you own these shoes.

It’s more than likely that you own more than one pair, they’re a staple in your chic wardrobe.

The New Balance

Either these are a gift from your family or their a charity shop cop. They’re comfy and the dad trainer vibe is genuinely quite sexy. You’re a green bean with a heart that only wants to save the planet. Your wardrobe is probably sustainable and you exclusively buy second hand clothing. Typically, you can be found on campus with a metal water bottle and glass flask and you’re obsessed with saving takeaway tupperware and re-using it. Big vibe.

The Doc Marten

Despite being the only non-trainer on the list, Doc Marten’s are one of the most worn shoes at Sussex –  there is no doubt about it. Maybe it’s something to do with living in the South Downs or living on a doorstep to a pebble beach, these babies are practical, sexy and worth every penny.

They rarely let you down. Breaking them in it hard but that just goes to show you’re the type of person who likes to give people multiple chances to prove themselves. You’re probably vegetarian, have a nose ring and a love of baggy jackets but it’s the aesthetic every Sussex student wants.