Alternatives to getting drunk during second lockdown

You don’t need to be drunk to have fun!

Regardless of which university you attend, the drinking culture is hefty, and considered crucial to anyone’s uni experience to an overwhelming degree. It seems a plentiful experience of alcohol-fuelled nights of partying and regret are key to living ‘the uni dream’However, with the current 10 pm cap on bars and restaurants, how about curbing alcoholic nights out for an indoor affair?

Here are some of our favourite alcohol-free activities: 

Bake something elaborate together

Baking is a great way to bring people together, and creating something to share with friends or flatmates is always fun. Try baking something challenging like pastries or bread, and if you’re feeling competitive, why not turn it into a mini Bake Off? Not only will you learn new skills, but you get to eat what you have made when you are finished!

Take in some art!

Creating art is such a good mental outlet. Have your own painting night, or buy a cheap pack of clay and attempt some freehand pottery. You could even host it with (five) friends, having everyone chip in for some canvases and paints from a local art store and make an event of it.

Have a Nostalgic Sleepover

I’m sure we all enjoyed sleepovers when we were younger, whether it was a fancy affair of chocolate and strawberries, rom coms and nail painting, or a night of truth or dare, pranking and consuming disgusting ketchup-vinegar concoctions whilst blindfolded for your friends amusement. Recreate this with your flatmates and its bound to be a hit!

A Movie Marathon 

Snuggle down with a great selection of films and a full-on snacking spread! Charcuterie boards are super on trend right now, or copious bags of good old Doritos and Oreos.

Get really good at crafting mocktails

Like really good. You can mix all kinds of syrups and juices, add beautiful garnishes for the full-on luxury feel. With skills like this you are bound to impress your housemates!

Participate in a late-night yoga or fitness class

If current Covid-19 restriction allow, an evening class is a great way to get out of the house and do something rewarding! Its is a great way to meet new people and feel good about yourself. If you are limited in physically attending, you can always join a live stream session from the comfort of your flat. We know it can be a pain, but you’ll wake up the next day feeling amazing – nobody ever regrets being active.

If the gym really isn’t for you then you can always look at what other evening classes are available. You can take up a new hobby like playing musical instrument, pottery, or sewing. Maybe get involved with online debates and events held by societies on campus.

Have a weekly meal with your flat mates


You probably rarely get the chance to see all your flatmates at the same time, so to instigate a weekly dinner is a great bonding activity. You can split the costs, and all contribute by cooking different elements of the meal or splurge and get takeout food! Either way sitting down together to eat is a great way to catch up and get know each other better.