Sussex students urged not to return home in lockdown to ‘save lives’

Students have been requested to keep their loved ones safe and stay at university

Students at the University of Sussex received an email from the Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan, which stressed the importance of students staying at university.

The email was sent on behalf of the government and the Department of Education.

In the email, students were given a detailed guidance list in regard to what they can and cannot do.

MP Michelle Donelan stated that by keeping universities open during lockdown, this is a way of showing higher education being prioritised. She stated: “By keeping universities open, we are prioritising education so that there is no gap in your academic journeys and lives.”

With the national lockdown starting tomorrow, the email stressed that student must stay at university and not return home until December 2.

The email states: “As for everyone under the new national restrictions from 5 November, you should stay in your current home. This means you should not leave your term time address to return to your parents’ or carer’s home until at least 2 December – and should continue to learn at university for the remainder of this term.”

Below is an screenshot from the email stating the reasons behind requesting students stay at university.

Towards the end of the email Donelan requested should students have any issues, they should contact their University directly. She also thanked students for their “hard work and perseverance.”

Donelan made it clear that universities are expected to provide pastoral care to students which will become available “in the coming weeks.” Students also have access to the Student Space, which offers support and advice about coronavirus.