Sussex Uni confirm on-campus teaching will go ahead throughout lockdown

The announcement was made in an email today

In light of the new lockdown measures being introduced this Thursday (November 5), the university have sent out an email updating Sussex students on the new guidelines and how this will affect teaching and the university experience.

Despite the new lockdown measures in place, the university will continue to remain open for in-person teaching as a part of their “blended learning” approach. Labs, student support services, the library, catering and the on campus Co-op will also remain open during this time.

However, the university recommend that students should not move between their student residence and permanent home during lockdown, and should only return home once term time is over (December 11). This rule has also been made clear by the central government.

The email also stated that, due to the new regulations, students both off and on campus should not receive any visitors during this time. You are, however, allowed to meet one person from any other household, as long as it is outside and you abide by social distancing regulations and government guidelines. Outdoor exercise is still permitted.

Due to the mass gatherings that happened on campus over the weekend, student communications have issued a warning against those who do not follow the government’s guidance during the pandemic, as it is a legal requirement. Students who organise parties can face fines up to £10,000 as well as sanctions imposed by the university themselves.

The university have also provided details to students who live overseas, mentioning if you are unable to return to Sussex, remote learning opportunities and support will continue to be available.