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£16,000 Hove seafront igloos to close their doors due to Covid

The close date is on the same night they were due to open

With the rise in coronavirus cases and new announcement of a second national lockdown, many non-essential businesses have been forced to close their doors from Thursday.

The Rockwater Seafront igloos, a popular winter attraction, were due to open their doors this Friday evening for food and drink in a Covid-secure environment. The owner, Luke Davis, had spent £160,000 on the seafront igloos installing each with their own set of heaters and sound systems.

Mr Davis released a statement saying that “It’s an absolute shame, for the people who have worked hard to comply with the rules, to have the rulebook changed and be told there’s another lockdown.

“I bought a pub, then it became illegal to go into a pub. I’ve made the igloos and now they’re going to be illegal too. We will get there eventually.”

But Mr Davis is hopeful, if lockdown permits, he can still keep the igloos up and take bookings for the Christmas time instead. He admitted that his biggest fear is the financial and mental health consequences that small business owner might face due to the incoming lockdown.