Tier Two: What can you do?

Make sure you don’t get caught out

With the prospect of Brighton moving into Tier Two looming closer, here’s our guide to what you can and can’t do.

Right now, Brighton (and East and West Sussex) is in Tier One – the basic level of restrictions. This includes the 10pm pub curfew, and most gatherings being restricted to six people. However with the recent increases in cases (especially around Sussex campus), there has been discussion that Brighton could move to Tier Two

What changes if we go to Tier Two?

Firstly and most importantly- you can’t meet other households inside. No more having a friend over for a cheeky pint, even in groups of six. Unless they’re in your household or your support bubble, you can’t meet them ‘socially’ inside (including in pubs and restaurants).

Academic settings can still stay open with bigger groups, and gyms, shops, and places of worship can continue, so your occasional in person lecture in Jubilee can still go ahead, and you can still get your sweat on at Falmer Sports Complex.

Funerals can still go ahead with 30 people, with 15 people being allowed at receptions, wakes, and weddings.

Fines of up to £6,400 are still on offer for people deliberately breaking rules, with fines of up to £10,000 for hosting gatherings of over 30 people.

Can you still travel?

It’s that time of term where people want to go for a cheeky weekend home to see the family, which you still can do, however it’s advised to reduce the number of journeys ‘where possible’, and to avoid travel into Tier Three areas (such as Liverpool, Nottinghamshire, Manchester, and Sheffield).

Where is already in Tier Two?

If Brighton does move, we’re in some good company, with London, Durham, and Leicestershire being in Tier Two, alongside Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and the West Midlands (including Birmingham).

Local MPs previously opposed a move for Brighton into Tier Two, but with cases rapidly increasing, there may be little they can do to stop us moving.