Stuck for a Halloween costume? Here are some spooky suggestions: Sussex student edition

Spooktober is upon us

This year’s Halloween will undoubtedly be unlike any other. With no club nights, parties, or trick or treating, it’s been a little bit harder to get into the spooky spirit. And with Brighton and Hove’s director of public health, Alistair Hill, explicitly warning against the festivities, suggesting residents celebrate Halloween by “watching scary movies or cooking up a fiendish feast” instead, it’s safe to say that Sussex students might have to find some other forms of entertainment this year.

Of course, despite this semi-dystopian world we seem to be living in, we are still allowed to dress up for the occasion, albeit in groups of no more than six, or just alone in your room as you sit and wait for this godforsaken mess of a year to be over. However you wish to celebrate, we brainstormed some super spooky Halloween costumes, Sussex student style:

Adam Tickell

monopoly money is optional

Want to spook your housemates this year? Try impersonating Mr Tickell himself and standing menacingly behind the door. This look can be achieved with some formal attire and maybe a cut-out of the big man’s face, if you’re feeling fancy. For extra points, fill your pockets with gold coins.

A seagull

hummus and a Gregg’s (vegan, obvs)

Enough to strike fear into the heart of any unsuspecting Sussex student, dress up as one of these feathered friends by fashioning some form of wings and an origami beak. Then, run around your house unremorsefully stealing people’s food to your heart’s content.

An email from Kelly Coate

We all know that there’s nothing spookier than logging onto Sussex Direct to find an email to from Kelly Coate. There are a number of ways you can dress up as an email, but we find that a simple sheet of paper does the job. If you’re feeling extra ~spooky~, walk around screaming “aN uPdAtE oN yOuR eDUcAtIOn!!” in your most ghoulish voice.

Blended learning

Possibly the most fearsome phrase of the term so far, the words ‘blended learning’ will make any Suss student run for the hills. We recommend wearing pyjama bottoms with semi-presentable lecture attire on top. Pyjama top and smart/casual bottoms are also acceptable. Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize with a laptop – your entire life is on Zoom now.

footwear is also important

A zoom call

Dressing up as a Zoom call requires minimal effort – just a mute and camera icon – but will strike fear deep into the heart of any student in 2020. You could also consider dressing as a breakout room, but that may in fact be too scary.

9k non-refundable tuition fees

This one is only for the spookiest of students. There are a few ways to execute, but even just a big ol’ ‘£9,250’ sharpied onto your forehead will be enough to get anyone’s palms sweating. Alternatively, tape 9,000 pounds in pennies to your body and physically feel your student debt weighing you down. You’ll be the life of the socially-distanced gathering.